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peerSo Black magic  is the Satanic dark entertainers which constitute the genuine controllers of the world – at any rate in the human Earthly domain. The Satanic dark performers pull the strings, not government officials, corporate managers, military heads, knowledge boss or even global brokers – in spite of the fact that they likewise hold a hefty portion of those parts. The NWO (New World Order) tip top satisfy a concealed part and an external, more respectable open part. While numerous Satanic dark conjurers are additionally representatives and financiers, their actual decision force originates from Satanism and the curved utilization of humankind’s inventive force (dark enchantment), which they then use in their common parts in the public eye.

Keep in mind the maxim of the Chinese sage Lao-Tzu, who said that “images administer the world, not principles or laws”? Images impart at a more profound level than words, in light of the fact that they are decoded by the privilege, natural mind, though words are decoded by the left, legitimate cerebrum. Images can infiltrate all the more profoundly into our intuitive, which is the reason the world class are so fixated on their mysterious corporate and administrative logos of red crosses, rising suns, every single seeing eye, pyramids, 666, the rings of Saturn and modified pentagrams. Words endeavor to control the world, yet they can never be as intense as images.

Similarly, dark enchantment runs the world. Governments and enterprises endeavor to manage the world, yet they can never be as effective as dark enchantment.

Before taking a gander at the confirmation of world class utilization of dark enchantment, it is advantageous recalling a characterizing part of Satanism: the reversal of everything. Dark is white, awful is great, wrong is correct. This is the reason the upset pentagram is such a prevalent Satanic image. George Orwell touched on this in 1984 when he composed of the decision class’ purposeful publicity: “War is peace. Flexibility is servitude. Obliviousness is quality.” Even personality control, created by the Nazis first in Germany and later at the CIA, utilizes Satanic standards to confound its casualties, by letting them know that agony is delight and joy is torment, and inevitably separating casualties so they can no more recognize the two.

On the off chance that you think these mystery social orders are simply debased individuals messing around, ask yourself: why might the world class, a significant number of whom are fixated on force, be included with them? Why might they take part in such dark enchantment ceremonies unless they were receiving something consequently – like more power? These folks control the many printing presses of the world, and some have more money than they could spend. It’s influence they need, not cash.


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