Tag: Black magic

Black magic can be referred to the use of supernatural (mainly evil) power obtain desired rather self-interested results which can be more evil as well.

Many people use the black magic in order to become superior from others, their main intention is to harm others either by making them sick or kill them for a little reason which can be overlooked.

Why people go for it?

When people are eager to fulfill their evil needs, they sometimes take help of those who are expert in using the magical powers in negative way. The main reason behind going to such magicians can be different but the nucleus is same:

They want to harm others or to fulfill their sinful desires. This is usually practiced by those who do not have enough faith in Almighty Allah, those who think that they can snatch whatever we don’t have. People usually think, if they are deprived of something then why others are enjoying that. So we can say that jealousy is the root cause towards black magic application.

It has achieved a remarkable consideration from people in the last few decades whereas the presence and practice of black magic started thousand years ago. It has the power to work incredibly to change people’s life. People come up with their desires to be fulfilled at a glance and they find black magic a simplest and easiest way to bring all these comforts in their lives.

  • How to remove black magic spell:

Be aware of jealous people around you, if you start feeling a change in health in a wrong way, loss in business, misunderstanding with partner, or anything which you think is not normal. Try to get over it on soonest basis.

Another difficult step is to find out the right person who could help you to come out of your problems, because these days, people have started it as a business and earn in thousands in the name of black magic removal.

We are presenting a few techniques through which you can keep yourself away from the spell of black magic:

  • An amulet should be carried with Quranic verses written on it, it is the powerful way of keeping the evil powers away from you. It can be worn around your neck or above your elbow or kept in pocket. But most effective way is to wear around neck in the form of pendant.
  • A ritual bath is also very helpful in cleaning away bad spell of curse from you. You can add few herbs to make your bath more useful. Add a pinch of salt, basil, or wormwood in the bucket of water and then bath keeping in mind that you are willing to through the spell of black magic away from you.
  • If you are religious then you should consult a spiritual healer or black magic removal expert who can take you out from the curse and advice you prayers to be saved from black magic spell in the future.
  • There are many duas which can be recited to protect you from black magic curse.