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Recite Salat-Ul-Istikhara before any Extensive OR Major Determination

You can take Allah suggestion in your major life decisions by praying Salat-Ul-Istikhara. Human is facing a lot of difficulties and confusions in every step of life. Almost every day in his/her life, a man is faced with the task of making decision between two or more choices. Actually the decisions or determination is not difficult but sometime we don’t know that what is good for us and what is bad for us. So in these situations over beloved mentor Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) taught us what to do, and show us the solutions in the form of Istikhara. The importance of Istikhara is also described in Qurani ayah as:

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an: “And it is very possible that you dislike something whereas it is good for you; and (similarly) it is very possible that you like something whereas it is bad for you”. (Baqarah 16)

Free Istikhara

You can recite Salat-Ul-Istikhara for the following two main and major decisions of your life:

  • Free Istikhara for marriage
  • Free Istikhara for love marriage

All family relationship are based on love but one relationship which place in our life is marriage relationship which is an important part of our life and we want to take care of those relationship in order to have peaceful married life. If you are facing problem in your marriage or you want to love marriage then you should know that you are not alone almost all people facing same problem and troubles like:

  • Unnecessary arguments with lover
  • Lack of communication and understanding
  • Partner not agree with you
  • Feelings of uncertainty about the future
  • Lack of commitment OR
  • Your parents not agree with your marriage or love marriage etc.

Islam is a vast religion and give solution of each problem that we are facing in our life in the same context Islam also help us that how to solve our marriage life problem in the form of “Salat-Ul-Istikhara”  in which suggest with our God that which think is better for us. In practically we don’t know that which decision is good for us and which is bad and we are confused in every step of life but this confusion can be removed by reciting “Salat-Ul-Istikhara”.  Also, the Prophet (sws) said:

“It is from the happiness of the son of Adam to practice Istikharah and be pleased with what Allah has ordained for him. And it is from the misery of the son of Adam to drop the Istikhara of Allah and be displeased at Allah’s decrees.” (Sunan at-Tirmidhee, hasan)

Method of Reciting Salat-Ul-Istikhara

Before going to bed pray two rakah’s of non-obligatory prayer and then recite the Istikhara Dua. After that he/she go straight to bed and sleep with his/her face toward qiblah. Inshah Allah he/she will see a sign in his/her dream regarding their purpose of doing Istikhara Prayer.

Remember the following few point in order to perform Istikhara

  • We perform Salat-Ul-Istikhara with complete faith, not begging or pleading, but asking Allah clearly for his supervision and we should not be hasty after our dua.
  • We do not put Allah on a timetable and we should not wait for a miracle or a dream full of signs. We simply say our prayers and trust that Allah has heard us and will answer us in the way that is best.
  • Sometimes it takes only once to get the answer and sometimes it takes longer. It is recommended to carry out Istikhara Prayer seven times.

“And Allah knows best, He is the All-Seeing, All-Hearing, the best Administrator. May Allah direct us in the right path and restraint all our challenges. Ameen.”