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Spiritual Problems:

This is a fact that people are having a lot of problems at every step

of their lives these days. In other words, life is getting very difficult for every individual in many aspects. Every individual is facing a lot of problems, whether related to wealth, health, education, family, etc. and it seems very difficult to come out of them.

If you talk to any individual and ask their problems or desires, they will come up with a long list of desires and none of them will seem unimportant to them.

Following are the problems that are found mostly with a number of people in our society.

  • Problems in setting up a business.
  • Running business going in loss.
  • Marriage proposals.
  • Securing good marks in exams.
  • Moving abroad.
  • Problem in conceiving.
  • Getting employment.
  • Incurable disease.
  • Problems in relationship.
  • Some face a number of hurdles in almost every step of life and ultimately think of having a black magic spell in their lives.
  • Spiritual healers:

Since all above mentioned problems are a part of human life. People want an ultimate solution to all these either by praying themselves or ask a religious scholar who could tell them how to get over the problems by providing them a powerful solution with reference to Quranic ayat or other duas which can be recited either by them or the Amils do it for them. There are a number of spiritual healers or scholars all around us. Sometimes they charge a huge amount which is not easy to manage and paid by people who are already facing a lot of problems in life, leaving problems more complicated.

  • Ilhaj Peer Syed Saahab:

Peer Syed Sahab is a well-known and experienced spiritual guide and a practiced astrologer, who has been serving for years and millions and millions of people have gained from his services. Being Muslim and having a religious background, Peer Sahab offers a complete solution to every problem of an individual through Quranic Verses. He also takes help from astrology to know the movement of your stars because stars movement matter a lot in one’s life especially marriage, health and wealth issues are dependent on stars. Finally provides solution from Quran. Syed Sahab feels proud to help people.

Syed Sahab does not only serve in Pakistan but also serves worldwide and there are a number of people who have gained from him.

  • Salat-ul-istakhara:

Ilhaaj Peer Syed offers his services to serve for people and help them come out of their stressful lives by advising them salat-ul-istakhara.

Sometimes people want to go for something which is not actually good for them. Peer sahib suggests it is better to ask Allah’s discretion before making any judgment. As quoted in Quran, sometimes people don’t know what is good for them and what can harm them but it’s only Allah who knows, so by doing Istakhara we somehow ask Allah’s will in our life and can take better decisions.